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For over 30 years, Blue Chip has been offering smart, simple, technology solutions to businesses throughout Southern California and beyond.  Blue Chip is a company committed to designing, implementing and supporting cost effective technological solutions for your business. We are a company dedicated to ensuring you business receives the highest return on your technology investment. Reducing costs, minimizing downtime and improving customer service is what Blue Chip will do for you.


We are pleased to offer you: 

  • Sales Professionals with a total of 50 years experience; 
  • Marketing Development Manager; 
  • Project Leaders with close to 50 years experience;   
  • Highly qualified System Engineers all with a variety of certifications. Combining this with a true dedication to above and beyond customer service, Blue Chip can help your business grow.


Founder and Company President - Ron Herman


Beginning in 1982, Ron Herman; President of Blue Chip Computer Systems, began the company and quickly it transformed to one of the largest Hewlett-Packard dealerships in Los Angeles. He has been an active and innovative member of the Unix community for over fifteen years. Ron has distinguished himself as a cofounder and vice-president of APC Open, a national organization of SCO Advanced Product Centers. In addition, he has served as a member of the Santa Cruz Operations Dealer Council and has led Blue Chip Computer Systems as one of the largest Unix resellers in the nation. Responding to customers need for a complete technology partner, Blue Chip began offering VOIP and other telephony solutions to our customers. The result was amazing.


Ron was selected by Novell Corporation to be an active member of their advisory board. The board is responsible for directing key technology, marketing and business strategies for the UnixWare product line. He also is a member of the Wyse computer advisory board. 


Ron, as a fanatic bicycle rider became involved with the Route Committee of the California Aids Ride `94. Through computerized mapping software, Ron was able to develop maps for the entire ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and was a key contributor to the success of the event. 


Ron served on the Mayor's Special Advisory Committee On Technology Implementation for the City of Los Angeles. In this advisory position to Mayor Richard Riordan, he addressed the direction of the City in respect to information technologies, encompassing communications and processing of voice, data and video information. 


Since the founding of Blue Chip – Ron has insured his employees maintain the philosophy he shares. That is putting the customer first and insuring they are using the right technology all the time. 


Ron is also a member of Comptia – a non-profit trade association advancing the global interests of information technology (IT) professionals and companies including manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and educational institutions 


Our Professional Services


Why is Blue Chip Professional Services better for your business than anyone else? 


Commitment, Innovation and Support! 


Reducing costs, minimizing downtime, and improving customer service is what Blue Chip will do for your business through our professional services. Our approach is quite simple - to work with you to unite your business needs with technological innovation. We accomplish this by designing a "blueprint" specifically designed for your business needs. 


To design a blueprint, we begin with an extensive analysis of your business objectives and existing technology infrastructure. Blue Chip works with you to ensure we are successful in developing, implementing and maintaining a business system that will meet all of your current and future goals.


Blue Chip offers a full range of professional services. 


The BluePrepay Technical Support Program provides an easy way for small to medium-sized companies to receive reliable, quality technical support services at an affordable price. BluePrepay provides discounted labor rates and prioritizes your support. This service agreement remains in place for 1 year or until the deposited funds are exhausted.


The BlueManage program is an outsourced network, system management and support offering. When it comes to managing your network resources, Blue Chip truly offers a unique solution. Our program provides a custom solution for your company needs that few businesses can afford to sustain internally. From basic network administration to advanced technology consulting and deployment, our support desk personnel and technology experts have the backgrounds that you can rely on. Please call us for details on how we can best help you. 


The BlueConsult program is specifically designed for clients that require professional consulting services to assist their existing IT staff with design, support, and project implementation and management. We can also help smaller companies with their entire technology project development. Blue Chip can create a customized technology solution (a blueprint) that unites your business goals and incorporates your existing infrastructure. 


Blue Chip has been helping our customers for over 30 year with the following services;


Implementing new technologies to support your business strategy 


Using Telephony to maximize business opportunities 


Modifying or upgrading existing computer systems or networks 


Training services: training your employees to maximizes the use of any new technology - Securing important business data 


Fulfilling regulatory requirements for Government Agencies


Executing product upgrades 


Support services – Just like it says – Support! We will continue to support your technology investment long after its implementation 



Superior Technical Support
“Blue Chip has provided us with robust systems and superior technical support for more than 15 years. We can always count on them to deliver innovative solutions to our vast array of technical needs."


Pete R.
Technical Support

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“Blue Chip welcomes the addition of the Vertical Wave IP Communication System to our lineup of Unified Messaging solutions.”

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