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Voice and Data in today's world can no longer be separated into different camps. Historically we had a separate set of wire that carried voice traffic and another one for data. Later, we used a data circuit and split it into different pieces. We had expensive equipment on both ends of the network that would split the voice and data into two different pipes.

Today we are able to send the data for your applications via IP networks and the Internet. So some smart guys got together and said, "can't we make the voice information look like an application as well." The advent of VoIP or voice over IP is the result. In not technical terms, the voice call now becomes another piece of data on the data network that you use for your applications.


Blue Chip has been working with Data Networks for over 25 years. We have taken that experience and in 1999 we broadened the scope of our UNIX business to take on Voice Applications. We figured that our customers would benefit with the integration of their networks. Not only that, but software based phone systems enabled our customers to become more productive through integrating their voice with their business applications.




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“Blue Chip has provided us with robust systems and superior technical support for more than 15 years. We can always count on them to deliver innovative solutions to our vast array of technical needs."


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“Blue Chip welcomes the addition of the Vertical Wave IP Communication System to our lineup of Unified Messaging solutions.”

- John Smith, IL