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For over 30 years, we have been providing networking solutions to education institutions. Our Company President, Ron Herman, has served as a technology advisor to schools like Platt College, currently serves on the Santa Monica College’s ‘Career Services Center Advisory Board’ and served on the Mayor’s ‘Special Advisory Committee on Technology Implementation’.If you have a current project planned – or if you are considering one in the future, our experienced team would like to work with you in ‘Building a Successful Business Blueprint’. Our customized process assesses and analyzes your needs, documents them based on your goals and becomes the “blueprint” for your success.

E-Rate Cycle

We have partnered with 4 industry leading technology solutions, Juniper Networks , Ruckus Wireless , Aerohive Network Solutions and Samsung

They have banded together to build best-in-class open, digital learning networks. To enhance student and faculty experiences, Juniper Networks and Ruckus Wireless leverage wired and wireless networking to deliver high density, campus-wide connectivity with added services such as analytics, content filtering and location-based services.

Top Reasons Schools Select Ruckus and Juniper

  • Ruckus and Juniper are providing a best-in-class integrated approach allowing schools to facilitate deployments and reduce costs for wired and wireless networks.
  • Ruckus’ 3+1 Clustering, Juniper’s Virtual Chassis Technology™, and multi-tenancy WiFi technology, dramatically simplify the network management of multiple schools from a single point in the district.
  • Juniper’s best-in-class Ethernet switches combine with Ruckus Wireless Smart WiFi to deliver pervasive performance in primary education.
  • Schools achieve up to 42% operational cost savings with Junos, Juniper’s common network operating system with a reduced learning and ongoing configuration and management workflows minimizing configuration errors and downtime.
  • Juniper’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on select Juniper EX-Series Switches protects their network investment.
  • Deep proven experience in building mission critical networks, offering competitive and E-rate eligible solutions in Education.

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