Getting To The Cloud

At a Glance

  • Understanding what type of cloud solution is right for you
  • Learn how to maximize the benefits of using cloud technologies
  • Learn how the cloud can expand with your growing business

The ‘Cloud’ is where your business needs to be and Blue Chip can help you get there.

The “Cloud” concept design is, of itself, very simple. It only becomes complex when an organization your company has to choose which type of cloud offering that best meets their needs. The main types of cloud models are Private, Public, and Hybrid.

The cloud provides as much in the way of resources, as is needed at any particular time. You pay for what you use, and what you need is always available. And the clouds resources are housed, duplicated, managed, serviced, backed up, and protected, by the service provider.

Blue Chip takes the guess work out of determining your requirements, specifying your needs, and recommending the best solution for you. Blue Chip will design your network, incorporating your data and telephony needs. All of this while ensuring the proposed solution provides you the highest return on your investment. Only then can we suggest which cloud model and provider would best fit your organization’s needs.

Blue Chip partners with the best providers in the industry, which guarantees you competitive financial and service choices. Below you can see some of these partners. Click on each one for more information.

Let us design and propose the best infrastructure solution for your entry into the cloud.

Below are some of the industry leading vendors for Cloud solutions who we partner with. To learn more, click on each logo.