IT Project Management

At a Glance

  • Understanding Project Management needs
  • Assess/Analyze
  • Develop a Customized Blueprint
  • Implementation and Support

What are your current or future Project Management needs? Do they include overseeing hardware and/or software installations? Do they include network upgrades, cloud computing, or virtualization? How about data management projects or the implementation of other IT services? If so, Blue Chip has the knowledge and experience to move those projects forward. Let us plan your ‘Blueprint’ for success.

We have over 30 years of experience in creating and implementing cutting edge solutions. Blue Chip also has with relationships with some of the biggest and most respected names in the Information Technology industry.

To achieve a truly effective solution, Blue Chip must (together with you), take the necessary steps to thoroughly understand the existing systems and future demands that might reasonably be placed on those systems. Using accepted planning techniques, we will arrive at an optimal solution for today that can grow and evolve as your needs change.

How do we design this successful ‘Blueprint for Success?’

Step 1 – Assess/Analyze

  • Document key business processes and rules
  • Document information systems – hardware, software and users
  • Define company goals

Step 2 – Develop a Customized Blueprint

  • Develop solution options
  • Select solutions that best match business goals
  • Develop an implementation time linedesign and showcase a service solution ‘blueprint’
  • Prepare for ‘blueprint’ execution with smooth transition

Step 3 – Implement and Support

  • Proceed with the deployment of the Blue Chip – business designed ‘blueprint’
  • Blue Chip personnel work closely with customer team members to insure a smooth implementation
  • Support the program past its inception

Reducing costs, minimizing downtime and improving customer service is what our ‘Blueprint’ will do for you. Let us get started on it today!

Below are some of our partners to help with your IT Project Management needs. Please click on each one for more information.