Telephone & Network Design

At a Glance

  • Get the best telephone system for your business needs
  • Review telephone and data services for cost savings
  • Understand your current and future needs
  • Create a implementation plan to better suit your business needs
  • A free analysis of telephone bills

Blue Chip is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to analyze and address the telecommunication and data needs of your business. We research, and work closely with, the best carriers and ISPs who will best suit you company’s voice, data and IP traffic requirements.

The following 3 steps will allow us to optimize your telephone and network design.

Step 1

We can review your existing telephone and data services, looking for, and recovering past overcharges. It happens a lot more then you may think. We can also perform a cost-optimization analysis, benchmark your current charges against numerous competing carriers, and perform ongoing account management.

Step 2

Next, we will document and assess your existing and proposed voice and data network while gaining an understanding of your business process. These activities, and the resultant analysis, should further assist in defining your company’s goals and requirements.

Step 3

The final step is to develop a communication plan based upon your acknowledged requirements. We will supply you with alternative products and service providers, and explain your options.
Following these 3 steps, we can create an implementation plan that best suits your business needs
All Free, at no cost to you.

We partner with some of the most industry leading telephony partners available. Click on our partner logos below for more information.