The Ruckus platform includes a carrier class family of high performing, high capacity indoor and outdoor Aps and controllers, which also includes virtual and cloud based management versions that are flexible, scalable and easy to deploy.

Additional location and analytics offerings allow enterprises and venue owners not only to predictively and proactively manage the scalability needs of their networks, but certain venue owners now have the ability to monetize the networks that they have put into place

Since Ruckus’ inception in 2004, Ruckus has made patented innovations in security (DPSK) making the onboarding process much simpler for guests. Further, as the first Hotspot 2.0 enabled vendor, Ruckus’ has ensured its commitment to the future of Wi-Fi by enabling the infrastructure for a seamless roaming infrastructure.

Building on a foundation of RF performance excellence, BeamFlex+ has differentiated Ruckus additive gains to traditional antenna technology, even after chip based beamforming became ubiquitous, particularly among handheld devices which are continuously in orientation and motion.

Many other Ruckus features also ensure always on wire like performance even for high capacity networks. Juniper Networks and Ruckus Wireless leverage best-inclass wired and wireless networking to deliver high density, campus-wide connectivity with added services such as analytics, content filtering and location-based services.

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