About Us

For over 35 years, Blue Chip has been offering smart, simple, technology solutions to businesses throughout Southern California and beyond. Blue Chip is a company committed to designing, implementing and supporting cost effective technological solutions for your business. We are a company dedicated to ensuring your business receives the highest return on your technology investment. Reducing costs, minimizing downtime and improving customer service is what Blue Chip will do for you.

We are pleased to offer you:

  • Sales Professionals with a total of 50 years experience;
  • Marketing Development Manager;
  • Project Leaders with close to 50 years experience;
  • Highly qualified System Engineers all with a variety of certifications. Combining this with a true dedication to above and beyond customer service, Blue Chip can help your business grow.

Founder and Company President – Ron Herman

Beginning in 1982, Ron Herman; President of Blue Chip Computer Systems, began the company and quickly it transformed to one of the largest Hewlett-Packard dealerships in Los Angeles. He has been an active and innovative member of the Unix community for over fifteen years. Ron has distinguished himself as a cofounder and vice-president of APC Open, a national organization of SCO Advanced Product Centers. In addition, he has served as a member of the Santa Cruz Operations Dealer Council and has led Blue Chip Computer Systems as one of the largest Unix resellers in the nation. Responding to customers need for a complete technology partner, Blue Chip began offering VOIP and other telephony solutions to our customers. The result was amazing.

Ron was selected by Novell Corporation to be an active member of their advisory board. The board is responsible for directing key technology, marketing and business strategies for the UnixWare product line. He also is a member of the Wyse computer advisory board.