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Network as a Service (NaaS)

What is Network as a Service? 

Network as a Service (NaaS) is a new way to think about networks. It allows you to consume your network without worrying about the infrastructure, bandwidth, management, or security. It allows businesses to connect their remote offices, users, branches and customers with a secure SLA based network.

No longer do you spend money on hiring scarce network employees with limited capabilities, spend money training and then losing them to your competitor. Blue Chip Computer Systems takes the full responsibility of managing your network from end to end and applying state of the art AI based techniques to providing an extraordinary user experience.

NaaS gives you the flexibility to scale up or down your network to meet your changing needs at any time without having to buy new hardware or hire additional staff.


How Does NaaS Work? 

NaaS offers enterprises the ability to consume and optionally outsource the full lifecycle of your network deployment. The solution can be delivered as a flexible consumption or a subscription-based offering, allowing the accounting advantage of an operational expense. 

Enterprises are increasingly turning to NaaS solutions as a way to gain control over the cost and complexity of their network infrastructure. With the ability to consume and outsource their network services, enterprises can allow us to manage the lifecycle of their networking infrastructure. This enables you to create a more efficient and agile IT environment that can respond quickly to changing business needs and not worry about network deployment. 

NaaS Cloud Connectivity 

Cloud computing is a vital part of the modern business landscape. It can help you save money, improve productivity and make your company more agile. However, many of the benefits that cloud computing offers can only be unlocked when the right network infrastructure is in place.

That’s where NaaS comes in. Network as a Service is a cloud service model in which customers rent networking services from a cloud vendor instead of setting up their own network infrastructure.

With NaaS, businesses can enjoy all of the advantages of cloud computing without having to deal with complex infrastructure issues themselves.

Client-to-Cloud Portfolio

We believe that it’s time for your network to move forward—and fast.

Juniper provides a true client-to-cloud portfolio, all managed from a common cloud with a common AI engine. With the help of our partner, Juniper, your business will:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase innovation
  • Enhance user experiences
  • Intelligent automation builds
  • Optimize user experience
  • Time-saving 
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily accelerate security

To transform IT with AI-driven operations and support and achieve an experience-first enterprise solution, Juniper leverages a number of products including MIST AI and Marvis.

Considering NaaS For Your Business?  

Enterprise Network Goals

Today, businesses are more connected than ever before. And as companies continue to grow, network infrastructure also needs to evolve. Businesses need enterprise-grade networks that are fast, reliable, secure, and cost-effective.

Enterprise AI-driven networking provided by network specialists like Blue Chip, is the next evolution of the enterprise network infrastructure. By adopting this new approach to networking, enterprises can improve productivity, simplify operations, drive excellent user experience, and reduce costs.

Essential Elements of Business-Critical Networks:
  1. Optimized For Assured Experiences
  2. Proactive AI-driven operations and support
  3. Open and programmable cloud
Here are some specific questions to ask if NaaS is a right fit for your business: 
  • Will transitioning to a NaaS-based infrastructure help solve internal IT resource challenges and free up IT teams to focus on innovation?
  • Will NaaS help the team meet increasingly complex business and security demands, which might be outstripping the internal team’s ability to provide adequate service?
  • Can NaaS best practices, as well as the expertise of the NaaS vendor, optimize the end-user experience?
  • Does your network team have the bandwidth to keep up with your company’s constantly evolving and expanding initiatives?

Network Infrastructure Management –  Wired and Wireless

Network Assessments

Are needed to determine the existing baseline of the current operations. The desired results will dictate your company’s needs.

Needs Analysis

Reviewing your current and future needs and mechanisms for delivery.


Unfortunately, we need to check our delivery options against available resources.

Wireless Networks

A wireless network requires excellent wired network management. For smooth location delivery, access points need multi-gig networks and service analysis. Additionally, we use heat maps to ensure that all these locations receive the necessary service.

Management and Monitoring

Before AIOps, this was an added feature to the network. Today, it is a major component of the initial design and deployment. In fact, by delivering a network integrated with AI, we reduced support calls by over 70%.

Blue Chip Provides Proactive Network Support

Network infrastructure management includes proactive support services such as monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This service ensures your network operations’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Firewall with zero-day malware protection
Endpoint security for workstations and mobile devices
Server protection
Data Center protection
Recovery services if everything else fails

Wired Infrastructure

A good wired network is the core to providing productivity to users and customers…

For the data provider’s network’s efficiency, our network today has to be an extension of it. As a result, the correct recipient will then receive the data that comes from it.
Different types of services need different treatments. Does the banking information need encryption from end to end? As customers move most of their infrastructure to wireless there are many challenges that need solutions.
If the core network has problems it will create even more problems delivered over wireless.
Thus, customers need a comprehensive plan that promotes data delivery.

Let’s talk about a plan that will meet your needs and provide your users with the resources needed while keeping monthly costs in check.

Core network equipment that can increase throughput as you need increase
A Wired network that plays nice with the wireless
Quality of service for voice, video, and data needs
Encrypted traffic needs
What parts of your network have been vulnerable in the past

Wireless Infrastructure

Provide excellent service levels to your wireless users…

For the data provider’s network and internal wired network to work with efficiency, your wireless network today has to be an extension of it. As we rely on wired devices and roaming users it is important to enable quick connections and good performance. If someone is downloading an inventory on your wireless network, what is the impact of another user on his phone over wi-fi? Do passwords key in over the wireless need encryption from end to end?
As customers move most of their infrastructure to wireless there are many challenges that need solutions. Today’s networks can be self-heeling and provide service levels to each user and device. The wireless network has improved and you should check out the Gartner Magic Quadrant to find the leaders. Furthermore, customers need a comprehensive plan that promotes data delivery.


Let’s talk about a plan that will meet your needs and ability to provide your users with quick and effective resources.

Can your wireless network understand problems with the wired network?
Are radios adjustable to remove other surrounding interference?
Quality of service for voice, video, and data needs
What issues have made your wi-fi network less desirable in the past?

Voice & Data Infrastructure

Data and voice providers are not all the same and we have 40 years of experience with finding the best fit and a reasonable price.

To save cost, your data provider’s network needs to be integrated into your internal wired and wireless network. As a result, an increase in productivity.

Todays companies need to rely on external data for their organization for email, electronic commerce, remote workers, etc. Reliable voice and data delivery that is scalable is critical to your success. For that reason, it changes their operations and may be a challenge for customers to assure the service levels they need.

 Blue Chip works with some providers and over the years our preferences change depending on the service and support we get from the supplier. We handle circuit issues for our customers since we can identify the actual problem and work for a resolution. This way we can interact with the vendors and make sure they are doing the proper job. We make changes to our shortlist of communication providers based on the performance and resolutions.

Customers need a comprehensive plan for their data and voice providers.

Lets talk about a plan that will meet your needs and ability to provide your users with the resources needed quickly and effectively.

How much data bandwidth do you need
Does the type of circuit provided suit your availability needs
Do you unnecessary circuits being billed and no longer in use
Quality of service for voice, video and data needs
Is there a need for high availability or redundance

Importance of Having High-Speed Networks

A high-speed network is essential for businesses today. Delivery of an exceptional user experience to users and customers is key to being successful. If you do not have one, then you will need to invest in one. AI based high speed networks are automatically tuned to provide serivces anywhere.

Delivers all modes of business to users and customers
Managing services is key to delivery
SD-WAN can provide better SLEs at lower costs
User Experience is today's uptime
Network Partners
Network Partners

Juniper as one of our partners enables efficient delivery of your essential services. Your network today has to be an extension of your data provider’s network to work effectively. Wherever data comes from it should be transparently delivered to the correct recipient.

Blue Chip will be there before, during, and after the sale to make sure our Network Infrastructure Management solution provides the ultimate user experience. Talk to us today! 



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