Blue Chip integrations with hospitality have saved our hotel and condominium customers many thousands of dollars and improved services.

Cost Reductions Combined With Improved Guest Services

Voice and Data Savings

Blue Chip worked with one of our Hotel Development companies with reviewing 10 of their properties voice and data strategies.  Their annualized savings were over $176,000 and in each case bandwidth delivered to each site was improved.

One of the services we provide is the analysis of current communication costs.  We will review types of circuits, usage, requirements and the alternatives to provide equal or better service.

Hospitality Connectivity Services

Provide indispensable core connectivity and management solutions trusted by the leading hotel brands. As independent hotel operators are able to find less costly alternatives to large hotel group phone, Wi-Fi and data providers, we can provide the connectivity to the existing systems.

Replace Costly Phone Systems and Reduced Cost of Operations

Provide reliable alternatives to the aging phone systems while reducing the cost of the circuits has been well received by our customers.  In most cases the ROI on the reduction of telecommunications costs is about 1 year. New enhanced services are made available to guests and these can be tied back to your PMS

Quality Automated Wi-Fi and Network Operations

AI based Wi-Fi that is predictable, reliable, and measurable and provides unique visibility into guest service levels. We provide the best user experience with a minimum of intervention. It’s the single most important metric for measuring a successful IT infrastructure. Just because your network is passing traffic, it doesn’t mean your users are having positive experiences. And even if support tickets aren’t increasing in volume, you can’t assume users are actually satisfied with the performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure. AI is being used to bridge the gaps between the network, applications, security, and devices to deliver world-class user experiences.

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Experience Juniper Mist AI

Join our weekly demo to see how we deliver the industry’s best access layer experience for wired and wireless networks. We’re making networks more predictable, reliable and measurable with a comprehensive portfolio and cloud services driven by Mist AI to give IT teams an edge in transforming their businesses with new technologies.




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