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Do you want to improve your IT ROI? Meet the new Lenovo ThinkSystem™ servers built on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. These servers run so efficiently, they’ll save you floor space and cooling costs. And with 1.5x the performance of the previous generation, you’ll get more performance out of fewer servers, so you’ll save on acquisition costs as well.

Next-Gen Servers and Performance

Lenovo delivers on the promise of ” From Exascale to Everyscale”.” Introducing next-gen Lenovo ThinkSystem” servers built on 3rd Gen intel Xeon Scalable processors. Leveraging our breadth of air and liquid cooling technologies, these performance-optimized servers are able to provide massive computing power in minimal floor space with reduced energy consumption.

  • Up to 1.5x incresase in performance
  • 2.7x increased memory capacity
  • Upto 90% of the heat is removed with Lenovo Neptune cooling technology to tackle compute-intensive workloads
  • Double the bandwidth data throughput
  • Up to 60% greater GPU density
  • Built-in AI and Crypto Acceleration
  • Optimized for cloud, AI, enterprise, HPC, network, security and IOT workloads

Weather you are looking for Servers, Desktops or Laptops, Blue Chip will anyalyze your needs and provided the best solution for your requrements.  

Lenovo provides highest performance servers


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