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Our WAN Edge Solutions, based on Juniper’s Session Smart™ Networking solution, provides agile, efficient WAN connectivity for the cloud-first model of IT. WAN Edge Solutions slashes cost and complexity, eliminating the middlebox and VNF sprawl that plague traditional WAN products and legacy SD-WAN solutions. It delivers a service-aware fabric that adapts automatically to accommodate the dynamic workloads and fluctuating traffic flows associated with cloud services.

The Challenge

Expecting improved business performance and a competitive edge, distributed enterprises continue to migrate applications and services to the cloud to accelerate the pace of business and streamline operations. But the promise of cloud economics is often not attained, largely because the lack of proper traffic handling for myriad applications and services with different requirements. Examples include voice and video services, collaboration applications, resource planning and customer management applications, employee productivity and management

The Solution: Intelligent Routing at Your WAN Edge

Blue Chip’s BLUEMANGE delivers breakthroughs in simplicity, security, performance, and savings, setting a new standard for high-capacity routing with low operational overhead. Blue Chip’s BLUEMANGE supports a full range of WAN protocols and fine-tuned traffic engineering (QoS), as well as network services, a stateful ICSA-certified firewall, application identification, session encryption and management, and application analytics.

Blue Chip’s BLUEMANGE optimizes application delivery and provides express lanes for your priority applications. Traffic is shaped and prioritized with the sophistication and guarantees usually associated with large enterprise or service provider networks. Security capabilities include encryption, segmentation, and filtering. You can create elaborate service chains to integrate and enhance your applications and services.




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