AI-Driven Proof of Concept

Details, Terms & Conditions

So, you want to prove to your team that Juniper Mist Wi-Fi access points can provide a superior user experience? Well, today is your lucky day, because we want the world to experience the power of the Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise.

Since we can’t give provide this service to everyone, please read below to make sure you qualify. You must:

    • Attend an event where a free a Blue Chip Computer Systems Proof of Concept is being sponsored.
    • Register for the event with a valid company and business email address.
    • Provide your business address for shipment.
    • Provided a company PO for equipment that will be void if equipment is returned within 90 days.
    • Be an IT professional, working full-time in a role as a decision-maker or on the buying team of a wired or wireless project for which Juniper Mist is a viable solution.
    • Be a potential Blue Chip Computer Systems customer engaging with Juniper Mist for the first time. Independent consultants, resellers, managed service providers (MSPs), distributors, competitors, media (including bloggers), and current Juniper Mist customers are not eligible for this program.
    • Schedule a follow-up meeting with Blue Chip Computer Systems after attending a qualified event, such as our Wired & Wireless Demo, to discuss Juniper wired and/or wireless solutions as they may relate to your business.
    • Have a wired or wireless network project budgeted for 25 or more access points within the next 12 months for which Juniper Mist is a viable solution.

All gear must be approved by Blue Chip Computer Systems management and returned within 90 days.

If you qualify, your equipment will arrive with a complimentary 90-day Juniper Mist cloud subscription. Your POC gear may be new or used. Products may not be resold or supplied to others.

This promotion is for a limited time, and Blue Chip Computer Systems may modify, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time.



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