AI, From Games to AIOPs – AI for IT Operations Primer

by | Sep 14, 2022

I started thinking about A.I. when I visited HP’s Fort Collins facility around 1985. I remember it was the day when HP produced its first batch of PA-RISC chips. It was amazing that the first batch had some 95% yield and was built in the USA.

The discussions about the architecture revolved around future technology and naturally AI.

Then we heard about chess-playing computers that evolved from Carnegie Mellon University and ended up at Big Blue.

Hmm, that was almost 40 years ago. TCP/IP started to be adopted at about the same time. Over the years we saw processors and memory speeds increase, but not a lot more. We could write bigger, more complex programs but not necessarily “better.”

The Born of Mist AI from Juniper

Everyone would say how technology has evolved so much over the years. I did not agree. The network and computing paradigm are the same except bigger and more complex. The first major change that changed my 35+ years in the technology industry was in 2019 when introduced to Mist Systems. A startup in 2016 had in 3 years revolutionized data management. Sujai Hajela and Bob Friday former Cisco employees put together a team that completely rethought how networks are run and managed.

Blue Chip Computer Systems installed and managed our first Juniper Mist system in New Los Angeles Charter Middle School with about 600 students in 2020. The results were amazing. Other than requests to allow or disallow websites we did not have any problems until last week. ADD account and address Half of the Wi-Fi went down. An old physical cable failed. Of course, Juniper Mist AI was able to point us to the bad cable.

Mist AI, from Juniper, integrates Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science Techniques across wired access, Wi-Fi, WAN, and SD-WAN environments to deliver real-time insights into specific user, device, and application experiences. Mist AI revolutionizes AIOps – AI for IT Operations.

AIOps (AI for IT Operations) had proven to me that we could reduce the operations cost dramatically and even a catastrophic problem is not too big and rapidly resolved.



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