Modern SD-Branch: AI with an Edge

by | Jan 30, 2023

The idea behind SD-Branch isn’t a new one. According to industry publication TechTarget, it basically amounts to “…a single, automated, centrally managed software-centric platform that replaces or supplements an existing branch network architecture.” At least, that’s how one could sum up SD-Branch a few years ago, when it first arrived in the domain.

Since then, there have been major changes in the world, in the availability and use of technology, and in customer expectations around their workplace experience. IT teams still have trouble finding the talent they need, and the resources allotted to IT remain stuck in a “do more with less” situation.

The other major change that’s happened in the last few years is a shift in the way companies think about networking success. It’s no longer based around connectivity and uptime – it’s based on the experience being provided to the end users. Are end users able to do their jobs efficiently? Do they have constant, on-demand access to the tools, applications and data needed to be successful? These are the measuring sticks for today’s networks.

Which brings us back to the idea of SD-Branch. With IT teams needing to do more with fewer resources, especially in the face of a talent shortage and a possible economic downturn, the discussion is returning to the idea of a single platform to handle and manage all needs, i.e., SD-Branch.

“Enterprises are rapidly evolving their networks to ensure the network is an accelerator, rather than an inhibitor of broader business goals. A key new architecture that has emerged to help transform enterprise campus and branch networks is the software-defined branch (SD-Branch),” says Brandon Butler, IDC Research Manager, Enterprise Networks. “SD-Branch architectures consist of integrated management across the LAN/WLAN & SD-WAN, managed from the cloud and enhanced by ML/AI automation. Embracing an SD-Branch approach enables enterprises and service providers to see faster time to deployment, reduced inefficiencies, and improved network experiences.”

What’s Needed in a Modern SD-Branch Solution

As the idea behind SD-Branch regains popularity, companies are finding that they require more from an SD-Branch solution than what was defined in the original approach. This can include improved security capabilities, the incorporation of automated tools to enable traffic optimization (and that the user experience is protected), tools that unify and simplify management, and a cloud-first approach. Incorporating SD-WAN into an SD-Branch solution is also a key element, as it can help strengthen and simplify IT infrastructure management.

This is what makes Juniper Networks’ AI-driven SD-Branch solution such a perfect fit for modern enterprises.

Juniper’s AI-driven SD-Branch simplifies branch-office communications with AI-driven, software-defined routing, switching, Wi-Fi and security delivered from the Juniper Mist cloud. Juniper tunnel-free Session Smart Routing accelerates application performance for faster response times, while Mist AI automates operations and accelerates troubleshooting.

With visibility into the real-time service levels of individual users, network administrators can continuously fine-tune the network and optimize user experiences. Network configuration, deployment and operations across wired and wireless LANs and WANs are also simplified with cloud-based management tools that allow IT teams to do more with less.

The key benefits of Juniper’s AI-driven SD-Branch solution include:

  • Optimized User Experience: Improve uptime and accelerate troubleshooting with AI-driven insights across the network. The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, powered by Mist AI, proactively detects network issues before they impact users.
  • Enhanced Branch Security: Safeguard users and devices while streamlining IT operations. Zero Trust security, driven by secure vector routing and deny-by-default access policies, enables a simplified and secure branch. Juniper secure services edge (SSE) capabilities work with AI-driven SD-WAN to deliver a full-stack branch solution that protects applications and users without compromising performance.
  • Cloud-Based Onboarding: Simplify site deployments and rapidly scale to thousands of branch sites with zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and flexible configuration templates.
  • Unified Management: Reduce operational complexity with unified, cloud-based and AI-driven wired, wireless and WAN management. It helps deliver the scale, reliability and agility needed to address today’s diverse branch requirements.
  • Location Services: Juniper Wireless Access Points and the Mist software development kit (SDK) enable pervasive and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity with consistent coverage network-wide. Indoor Location Services, built on patented virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE) technology, greatly accelerates branch transformation with personalized services.

How to Get Started with SD-Branch

Juniper has set the bar for ease of deployment, operations and troubleshooting at the branch, while showing a steadfast commitment to delivering customers and partners an optimized and secure user experience from client-to-cloud. To make it as easy as possible to get started with a modern, experience-first based SD-Branch solution, Juniper is announcing a limited time pricing promotion for new SD-WAN customers during its initial release.

With this bundle, customers will get special pricing on Juniper SD-WAN driven by Mist AI that includes:

  • Juniper advanced security: Includes URL Filtering and Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS). URL Filtering allows IT teams to prevent access to or from specific sites on the internet, allowing them to meet business and security requirements. IDS/IDP further protects branch sites from advanced malicious attacks that have been on the rise. The Branch Security Pack strengthens Juniper’s flagship SD-WAN solution and meets security requirements for many branch deployments without the need for additional appliances.
  • Juniper Mist WAN Assurance: Simplifies network deployment and operations, improves visibility into end-user experiences and shortens the mean time to repair SD-WAN issues. By combining data and intelligence from Mist AI and Session Smart Routers, Juniper provides industry-leading network automation and insight for optimum user, device and application experiences in branch and remote locations.
  • Marvis Virtual Network Assistant: Uses Mist AI to transform how IT teams interact and engage with enterprise networks. With natural language processing, a conversational assistant, prescriptive actions, self-driving network operations and integrated help desk functions, it streamlines operations and optimizes user experiences from client-to-cloud across wireless, wired and SD-WAN.
  • Premium Analytics: Provides long-term data storage, reporting for full-stack networks, location services and visibility into the network.

Simply put, it’s never been easier to experience AI with an Edge.

For more information about Juniper’s AI-driven SD-Branch solution, and to learn more about our limited time price promotion offer, click here or contact your Juniper sales representative.



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