At a Glance

  • Get the most out of your IT purchase
  • Ongoing training
  • Get the best training directly from some of our vendor partners

Training is important parts of any project implementation Successful training on any technology is important so its users can get its full benefit.

Our staff is well acquainted with the products and services we sell. The training may be done at your business, one of your satellite locations, our office or even at one of our vendor partners. These services are provided to meet and exceed your company and staff requirements, and schedule.

It is important to keep your staff up to date and properly trained. These services can be provided as needed on an ongoing basis.

Training can be given by a Blue Chip Professional or by one of our vendor partners we work with. Training is always by a trained and knowledgeable instructor.

Fees for training, course materials, etc. may apply.

Below are some of our partners that can help with your training needs. To learn more, click each logo.